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I received my first rangefinder camera at the age of twelve. Since that first experience, photography and the photographic process have fascinated me as a means to represent and reinterpret one’s surroundings. Photography does not simply reflect reality; it is at best a familiar expression of one particular view of reality. The realization of a particular vision begins with my initial composure of the scene and continues through the production process. Taking the photo, manipulating, developing, and framing the picture weave a singular view of the world, which the final print expresses.


Importantly, my work mainly uses traditional medium format film cameras. I take great care in maintaining technical precision in the composition of the image and its subsequent printing. I print all my pictures using traditional silver gelatin and archival inkjet technology and recently with dye sublimation directly onto metal sheets.  I personally mount, mat, and frame the images using archival techniques.  In most cases, I build the finished frames from quarter-sawn white oak that I select, mill, and finish. Images on metal must be printed by others, but I maintain creative control over the process to ensure the presentation of a cohesive vision.


In nature photography, I search for beauty and depth in simple subjects. In some cases, the pictures result from a careful placement of the objects to create final patterns. I follow a similar approach in figure photography, striving to depict the subject and surroundings honestly and to use the human form as a medium to evoke the beauty and tension present in the natural world.My recent work has revolved around the creation of portraits of extraordinary persons recognized for their intellect and accomplishment. The images in this project are printed on a large scale and project the outsized countenance of these remarkable individuals.


Actively in search of gallery representation.

© Kenneth Resnick

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